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One picture per month, 25 April 2013

This year’s students will be the last to graduate from Goldsmiths Art Writing course. It's about to be discontinued. At the end of each year the programme publishes a fine art catalogue with essays and artwork by the students. One of the graduate students that I know contacted me. She and some of her colleagues wanted to create a group portrait as a combined contribution to the catalogue. They also wanted it to be a statement about the course’s discontinuation.

The concept was solid and challenging: “We are looking for just one shot ultimately, a highly stylized and posed shot, outdoors in the cemetery. I think it would be good if it looked quite high fashion and cool. The styling should be gothic but glamorous. The 'inspiration' is Victorian family portraits, but obviously we want the photograph itself to look super-contemporary.”

The props and the location were symbolic. Styling was left to the students with some direction from me about colors and what we should avoid. A lot was left to sort out on location. There was a lot of improvisation and I liked the element of uncertainty.

The course is now finished but the graduates are about to embark on their individual careers. I was looking for a picture to communicate the macabre and hope, the past and future; to have strong references to art and creation but also to include the element of doubt. What I found most interesting though, was the fact that the Art Writing students wanted to communicate ideas with an image. A concept that speaks to me about the potential of the course, and the different ways students can apply their skills.


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Art Writing

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