Keep your chin down and your chess up!

One picture per month, 25 March 2015

Chessboxing is a new hybrid sport where the players alternate between playing chess and boxing. It challenges mental and physical agility and the bout is decided by either checkmate or knock out. But time can define the winner too.

There are 11 minutes counting on each clock. Each chess round lasts 4 min. and each boxing round 3 min. A fight of this sort can go up to 11 rounds - 6 for chess, 5 for boxing – provided that no one loses by a checkmate or a Technical Knock Out.

However on the 11th round either player must run out of time and lose by ‘Time Penalty’. Which was the case in the game between the newcomers Dany Bent (left) and Henry Blanchard (right) during the recent Season Opener at the Scala, organized by London Chessboxing. Bent’s superiority in boxing skills was outdone by Blanchard’s dominance on the chessboard, leaving him contemplating for a long time over his next move with inevitable consequences.

And as Blanhard stylishly stated in the pre-fight interview for the organization:

“Back Row – Queen – Rook – Boom!”


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Keep your chin down and your chess up!

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Yiannis Katsaris