One picture per month, 25 January 2016

I just came back from two intensive weeks in Thessaloniki, working on the production of Macbeth, directed by Anastasia Revi at the National Theatre of Northern Greece. It was a very special commission, as I was working on both Lighting Design and the Video Art that was projected during the show. It was also the first time that we worked together as a team in Greece with my other long time collaborators, the music band Daemonia Nymphe and the set designer Maira Vazaiou.

The Video Art played a vital role in the production, as videos were projected in every scene and were complementing Vazaiou’s set design and the actor’s staging, speech and actions. Having the video as an anchor I built the Lighting Design around the mood, color, motion or lack of motion seen in the projections. Understanding the importance of the video early on in the production process and long before I landed in Thessaloniki, was the key for reading with a fresh eye this famous play by William Shakespeare.

Macbeth is a General of the King of Scotland’s army. One day in the forest, three witches confide to him an omen: That one day he will be the King. Macbeth becomes obsessed with the idea and not only he kills the King and takes the throne, but turns paranoid, orders the murder of his close friends, sloughters entire families and eventually becomes tyrannical to his nation. This is the story in short, but also the aspect of the play that inspired the videos.

Interested in what is going on in Macbeth’s head, I focused on the chemistry of a paranoid mind, which eventually leads to mood swings, and a distorted perception of reality. To emphasize this point, I used macro photography and slow motion techniques to film among others fluids – ink, milk or food colouring falling in water and even constructed a small model forest that I could control the light and distort the shadows. I wanted the videos to feel very organic and to emanate an unbelievable reality, the same reality I saw in the ill-headed Macbeth’s actions. 




Translation: Dimitris Dimitriadis

Director: Anastasia Revi

Sets & Costumes: Maira Vazaiou

Music: "Daemonia Nymphe": Evi Stergiou, Spyros Giasafakis

Lighting and Video Art: Yiannis Katsaris

Assistant Director, Set and Costume: Eva Konstantinidou

Assistant Video Art: Jean Wong

Assistant Costume design: Alexandros Tomadakis

Production: Athanasia Androni



Manos Galanis (Lenox, Murderer)

Giannis Grezios (Ros)

Vasilis Isopoulos (Malcolm, Murderer)

Konstantinos Kavakiotis (Macbeth)

Nikos Kapelios (Macduff)

Giannis Karamfilis (Banco)

Anna-Maria Kefala (Witch, Gentlewoman)

Maria-Elisabeth Kotini (Witch, Gentlewoman)

Konstantions Liaros (Donalbain, Caithness, Murderer)

Antonis Mihalopoulos (Fleance, Soldier, Menteith, Waitor, Messenger)

Marianna Pouregka (Witch, Gentlewoman)

Evi Sarmi (Lady Macduff, Hecate, Seyton)

Vasilis Spiropoulos (King Dancan)

Polykseni Spiropoulou (Lady Macbeth)

Giannis Harisis (Porter, Old man, Doctor0

Maria Christofidou (Witch, Gentlewoman)


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