"May the force be with you"

One picture per month, 21 December 2015

It’s been three busy months working in photography, video and theatre productions, rejoining forces with long time favourite colleagues and meeting incredible new talents. In retrospect, there is a symphony of ambition coming from different corners of the artistic spectrum, from musicians and filmmakers to actors and jewellery designers. In the break of the New Year, and not having sent out my monthly newsletter in the last couple of months, I dedicate more space to the exciting collaborations and the inspiring people I met along the way.

Wildfire is a unique one-instrument band that focuses on harmony arrangements of popular RnB, contemporary and soul music from the 90’s to the present day. Zahra, Naomi, Zoe and Louise are the vocalists accompanied by the magic tunes of Evan’s guitar. Shot at Studio Espero, we wanted to create a backstage aesthetic of the band jamming and warming up before going on stage. 


Yiannis Katsaris_Enamel Era


Enamel Era is a new jewellery design practice based in Athens founded by Liliana Avrushin. They specialize in uncommon handcrafted jewellery and create limited edition collections using different techniques and styles by mastering the art of glass and metal. Inspired by “Steampunk”, a subgenre of science fiction that incorporates 19th century industrial machinery aesthetics, the shoot took place at Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, previously a mining site that operated from the 19th century until the late 1980’s.



Yiannis Katsaris_The Alpacas


The Alpacas facebook page reads: “The alpacas are furry and innocent looking animals, but place a guitar in their hands and what you thought you knew about these camelids will all change”. Invited by the heart of the band, Andrei Ionescu, I joined the creative team as a Director of Photography to shoot the music video of the song “Pictures of you”. We worked with 10 actors on location and in studio and the video will be released at the start of the New Year. 


And something extra...

I am very excited to be working with a fantastic creative team and a cast of 17 actors for the theatre production “Macbeth” directed by Anastasia Revi and presented at the National Theatre of Northern Greece from 15 January 2016. In addition to producing the lighting design I was invited to work on large-scale video projections that will be screened on stage and create the environment for the show. More soon..


Happy Christmas and my best wishes for an exciting 2016!



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"May the force be with you"

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