Strange Factories

One picture per month, 26 May 2011

'Strange Factories' is a living feature film; a unique and original project that fuses cinema with a dreamlike, immersive environment to create an experience like no other.

It's the first feature film by Foolish People, a group of creatives who specialize in creating immersive environments that have the power to raise numinous experience within the spectator. I am very excited to be working with them on Strange Factories as the Director of Photography. 

The film will be toured and presented within a live, site specific event that explores the earliest traditions of cinema and film via the touring traditions of Phantasmagoria and theatric arcana.

The Story

"A storyteller possessed and haunted by an idea for a new fable searches for four lost friends, refugee performers of a theatre destroyed in a mysterious fire: Sam, who is obsessed with dangerous stage effects, Jessica, a glamorous femme fatale, Rose, who has sacrificed her life to art and Hettie, a clown who hides a secret. 

Victor is convinced their unique skills will help him complete work on a story he fears is becoming a paradox.

He finds his friends in a remote, pagan village founded by Stronheim; owner of a Strange Factory hidden deep in the local countryside, infamous for the frequencies of sound it emits. Victor inadvertently enters into a dangerous covenant, when Stronheim vows to re-build the theatre if Victor learns the truth hidden at the heart of his story in time for it to be performed at the village festival.

The key to the group’s success lies in unravelling how Victor's story relates to the customs of the villagers: bizarre rites practiced under influence of a hallucinogenic effluence siphoned out of the Strange Factory and served at the local pub.

Kidnapped actors, hideous monsters, invisible escape artists and ghosts of audiences past, present and future manifest in a landscape haunted by phantasmagoria."

YOU can become part of the story

We’re aiming to raise $12,000 via IndieGoGo to support the production costs needed to bring our film to life. Your pledges and donations are vital to enable us to create new forms of storytelling for audiences who are hungry for vital, new, truthful experiences that go beyond simple, passive entertainment.

We’re offering magical and exclusive experiences as perks for our funding drive on IndieGoGo revolving around the film's release that will give you the opportunity to explore the mystery of the narrative and learn how you may even already be part of this story. 

To show our gratitude for your support and confidence in our idea and work, anyone who pledges via IndieGoGo will be the very first afforded the opportunity to see the film, and explore the heart of the mystery surrounding Stronheim’s Strange Factory.



Written and directed by John Harrigan
Co - director: Richard Webb
Core Creative team: John Harrigan, Richard Webb, Lucy Harrigan, Tereza Kamenicka, Bettina Fung, P. Emerson Williams, Rachael Blyth & Xanadu Xero.

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Strange Factories

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Yiannis Katsaris