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Role: Lighting Designer for the Play, DOP and Editor for the trailer

'Cuba Libre' by Nilo Cruz is a play performed at Aggelon Vima, Athens, April - June 2012.

The trailer was shot to promote the show and broadcasted by the Greek national TV channel Mega TV, the media sponsor of the play.

Cuba 1991.
Music, dance, revolution and frayed novels that disturb the current political status. Beautiful women with dangerous spirit and fleshy lips - political prisoners - that oppose the uniformed authority, are fascinated by the male's presence and drown their dreams in rum. Life is short and cannot be wasted, Havana beats and the promise of the perestroika that lives in the souls and bodies!


Translation: Margarita Dalamnga - Kalogirou 

Director: Anastasia Revi

Costumes: Maria Konomis 

Lighting Design: Yiannis Katsaris

Actors: Panagiota Vladi, Antigone Drakoulaki, Antonis Karustinos, Arguris Gkagkanis


Cuba Libre

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Yiannis Katsaris