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Concept and story: 
Andrei Ionescu, 
Yiannis Katsaris
Emma Noëlle Guillemette

"An old photographer/director is trying to remember how it felt when he was in love with a woman when he was a young man, tries to remember that most thrilling of all sensations and sweetest of pains. 
He invites actors into his studio to try and find out if he can get inspired by their love stories, capture and encapsulate that long forgotten scent of young love that once made him fly."

Charlie Willmott 

Director of Photography / Camera
Yiannis Katsaris 

Assistant director / Props manager
Emma Noëlle Guillemette 

Ilona Kotz 

Colour grading
Adam Kirchberger

Make up
Sayaka Okoda 

Set Photography
Xingyu Chai 


David K. Whiting
Harriet Green

Benedict Black
Gareth Kennerley
Josharmond Mckinson-Romney
James Richards
Lydia Lane
Denise Moreno
Violet Patton-Ryder
Helia Zarbafi

Alpacas on set

Andrei Ionescu
Misato Takeda
Koichi Shoji
Adam Leaver

Song composition & production
Andrei Ionescu
Jorge Sapién

Shot at Espero Studio, London


Music Video: 'Pictures of You' - The Alpacas

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Yiannis Katsaris