Role: Video Director | Lighting Designer | Editor

CANDID - a performance ritual

Devised and performed by Tania Batzoglou & Vanio Papadelli
Design: Moi Tran
Lighting Design/Video: Yiannis Katsaris
Dramaturgical advice: Mary Ann Hushlak
Trailer Music: Jurek Tyndorf

CANDID is an enigmatic ‘performance-ritual’ that celebrates long lasting friendships. A dangerous ‘truth or dare’ game that weaves the stories of two women. Together, they remember, deconstruct and reinvent themselves.
CANDID questions issues of competition, difference and commitment explored in a raw, confessional, confrontational and vulnerable manner. Vanio and Tania, the two friends, have committed to repeat this game at least once a year, giving to the performance the dimensions of a life-long ritual.

The piece has been adapted since 2014 into black boxes, a gallery, a house-theatre and a council chamber, every time changing its rules.