The Desert Behind

Promotion: Get one of the first 40 copies for the price of £16 (regular price: £20) and collect your numbered and signed copy at the Book Launch!

‘The Desert Behind’ is a collaborative project between photographer Yiannis Katsaris and poet Natalie Katsou, based on material from their joint journey to Morocco. As a response to their experience and to the ways it imprinted itself in them, they developed a bilingual multi-visual book that combines Photography and Poetry. The photographs by default document the people and the place unmistakably and vividly. The poems, both as stand-alone and in dialogue with the pictures, de-construct and re-construct that visual reality, while challenging memory.

Private View and Book Launch at The Hellenic Centre

Wednesday 20th March 2019, 18:30

Photography Exhibition 

14th March – 3rd April 2019